Totally Uninformed: Week 16 NFL picks!

Here we go again.  Its christmas week, so we have a early week for most NFL games being on Saturday instead of Sunday!  Should prove interesting as many players dont like routines messed with it seems.

Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts
The Colts, high off their first win of the season and avoiding joining the Bucs and Lions as the shittiest teams ever play against the divison winning Texans.
Texans win 23-10

Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills
It seems Jesus Christ was too busy planning his monday night lights out shenanigans in San Fran to help his buddy Tebow out last week.
Denver wins 19-17

Arizona Cardinals vs Cinncinati Bengals
This is a game i have no info on as i could care less if either team existed.
Bengals win 21-14

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans
The Titans got stomped by the winless shitty Colts.  They are broken and done for the season.
Jaguars win 13-9

Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs
This is a must win game for both teams as the entire AFC west is still up for grabs.  The Chiefs are still high from beaing the Pack.
Chiefs win 24-21

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots
New England is a Jebus and Teebs stopping machine.  The Dolphins have no chance to survive and should make thier time.
Patriots win 34-12

New York Jets vs New York Giants
This would be a good game for the earth to swallow up the New Meadowlands stadium… Or whatever its called now. Yeah… I hate both these teams.
Jets win 17-10

St Louis Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers
I have no clue if Rapistberger will be playing (he shouldnt.. he sucks when hurt). Even Jesus kept trying to turn off the lights so he didnt have to see Big Ben play.
Steelers win 24-3

Minnesota Vikings vs Washington Redskins
The Viqueens suck. Washington is mediocre.
Redskins win 27-14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers
Carolina is way too good to lose to the lowly Bucs.
Panthers win 31-3

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens got bitchslapped on Sunday night last week.  Look for them to take out some agression on the Browns.  Gonna be a turnover fest
Ravens win 37-20

San Diego Chargers vs Detroit Lions
Both teams are in the hunt for the playoffs.  The Chargers must win out and are just too damn good in December.
Chargers win 31-27

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys
Another good game is to be had here if i actually cared about either of these teams.  I only wish both could lose.
Eagles win 23-19

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks
After the lights out fiasco in San Fran last week i forsee the niners having a struggle with Seattle.
Seahawks win 24-14

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers
The Bears are done this season.  This game isnt worth watching unless you enjoy watching one team beat the fuck out of another.
Packers win 42-10

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints.
The Saints are still my pick to make it to the super bowl for the NFC.  They will have thier hands full with the Falcons though.  I forsee a shootout.
Saints win 44-37

There ya go.  Enjoy this week of football.


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