The NFL is stupid.


    There… I said it, the powers that be in the NFL are all idiots. They are pushing to get teams into Los Angeles which is admirable because most of them people dont deserve a NFL team.  The problem is the teams they have chosen to head into LA are terrible choices for teams in the long term.  The fanbase of LA will become bored and ignore the teams of they arent competing for titles year in and year out.  Being a Chargers fan i can admit… the Bolts are a ways off from being title contenders for the long term.  So the Chargers will be forgotten quickly once Rivers retires.  The Raiders have as much of a chance at a title in the next 10 years as Tim Tebow being called a good backup choice at QB.  The Rams are just as bad as the Raiders.  So the idiots at the NFL want to bring in one mid tier team and 2 bottom tier teams to a stage that will demand titles now. 
   Heres what the NFL should be doing.  Bring the Seahawks, Packers, or Patriots to LA.  With the Seahawks you have a fanbase who really are just fair weather fans and will be gone at the drop of a hat…  they should be the top choice because of how dynamic they are. They will bring a shitload of fans out to the games in LA.  The Packers have an absurdly loyal fanbase but the actual local area is so small it wouldnt hurt the bottom line much.  The nationwide fans will still follow and all you lose is Green Bay… which is so tiny it is meaningless.  Lastly the Patriots are well established but getting old.  They will bring the fans out too as they seem to have fans every goddamn where.  Brining in actual top tier teams seems crazy but LA is crazy and it fits perfectly.   


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