Its time to fix the NFL.

I got it. I figured out how to totally fix the NFL from top to bottom and make the league and fans happy.  Hear me out.  It makes sense in the end.

   There will be a team in LA no matter how much we dont want it. So i will address this first.  Instead of moving some team and all that bs and to give the NFL full control of the LA teams the league expand by 2 teams. 1 NFC team and 1 AFC team. Both based in LA out of one stadium. We nownhave 17 teams per conference… The league gets LA and LA doesnt have to suffer through Raiders again.   We have LA covered now on to another problem. 

   Shitty teams, even divisonal winners do not deserve to be in the playoffs.  So what we do is now with our expanded leagues we eliminate divisions.  Each team plays each other team in the same conference once. Thats 16 games no bye weeks.  Ties are eliminated you win or lose for tiebreaker purposes.  Record ties for playoff berths are easily solved by head to head seasonal matchup.  NFC teams do not play AFC teams during the regular season anymore.  The playoffs go by top 6 teams by records with 1 and 2 in each conference getting home field and 1 week off going into the playoffs.  No more 8-8 teams in the playoffs.   Basically the playoffs are the same we just dont let the shitty ones in.

   Now with no bye weeks we cannot have thursday night football.  Which is good cause no one likes TNF.  Also we have to cut all london games… give up NFL. The english hate your sport  and will never accept it on thier pitch. (American football ruins fields…) 

   Problem solved.  We all get what we want.  The “rivalry” games have the same meaning because you will need every win now. Not just 8. 




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