First Person Shooter mentality…

I miss the nights of playing Halo with friends.  Just laughing and not caring who is winning, and trying out new and oodball maps.  Its this part of online gaming I miss.  My friends have gotten busier and busier and dont play much. 

   I have grown weary of competitive multiplayer, i dont care about your leader board, or your kdr.  I just want to have fun again.  The reason i dont like pvp in modern mmos is its no longer about the team and its all about yourself. 

   I have spent time searching for like minded groups, and while i have found a few (Rooster Teeth community rocks), sometimes they get out of hand and become less than friendly.  Or i find them and they arent very talkative and just kinda playing for the sake of playing it seems.  Why is it so bloody difficult at times to just have fun and not care what happens.

   Game devs dont help this situation either.  They have level up systems that only work when you play their way, you cant just have custom games with friends cause they are so focused on this MLG mentality of competetion, and god forbid you log on to a custom game and shoot your friends in the face a few times to get that last few levels.  Take MW for example.  I can make a custom game, but i get no unlocks and nothing levels up so i dont get any of the fun stuff. 

   I love the fact we have online gaming, we can play with people from all over or with our friends without having to leave.  I just wish there was less emphasis on competitive gaming and more on just gaming.


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2 Responses to First Person Shooter mentality…

  1. Scarybooster says:

    Me too. I’m getting too old to be that competitive. My give a crap button broke off Years ago

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