The #NFL… sigh…

You probably hadnt noticed but i am now on my 3rd week of not putting out Totally Uninformed on football picks. There is a reason and yeah… words.

   Between the Chargers skid getting me down a bit the season itself has been brutally unwatchable.  I live near Chicago so i have had to watch the lolbears give up 106 points in 2 games. But every other game is either a ground out penalty fest where the only ball movement comes from 5 yrd and a first down holding penalties or 10 yard false start calls… or the game is one team scoring at will and the other team sucking.  There shouldnt be this many games with 30+ point differences.  I dont rememeber a season off the top of my head with this many blowouts.
   Between overpaid athletes and grossly overpaid owners, game prices getting near 800 bucks for 2 people to go to a game and just the general crappyness of games (i swear weeks 1 through 10 are just preseason as well) i find myself watching actual football instead.  Yes they flop (as they do in the nfl every fucking week) but the games are intense and relentless.  Theres no timeouts, no commercials, no long drawn out stoppage for penalties for some idiot zebra to point and explain how hes blowing the call.

   So for now, the NFL exists, i watch my chargers but i just cant waste my time enjoying all the other games like i used too.

P.S. #BoltUp

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