Its time for some #GTAV on #PS4


   Picked up Grand Theft Auto V for my PS4 the other day.  Im not gonna review it as basically its the same game as before.
   I will say the graphics improvements are fucking amazing, my 14 yr old says it looks the exact same as the ps3/360 version.  Its all the little things that add up and make Los Santos look like an actual world.  The blowing garbage, smoke from gunfire/cars/whatever the fuck else produces smoke, the wildlife both in town and out, and the tweaks to add more detail to everything.  My 14yr old is weird and is of that group of weirdos that say graphics dont matter.  Weirdos…
   I have tried the First Person mode and as a Call of Duty player its very jarring to try and play GTAV in this mode as i always default to playing like CoD Hardcore Domination instead of GTAV.  Call it muscle memory, call it i play to much CoD but i just dont like the controls. I have been told to try the fps scheme for the controller, which i will, but i find myself always going 3rd person for a better field of view.  So a different scheme may fuck that up too.  Also Driving in FPS mode is insane.  Some cars have absolute shit for view and are way to fast, where as the motorcycles are fun as hell cause of how fast everything is moving… also dont try the sub in fps mode. Its impossible to see at all. Heh.
   The one thing that irked me at first was the cost.  59.99 for the same game i paid 59.99 for a year ago.  While it has improvements, i didnt feel it was a full price improvement.  The blow was lessened by the inclusion of 1.125 million gta bucks for digital preorder ( 500k for story and 625k for online) so it saved me like 20 bucks if i wanted to buy some monies later.  Rockstar allowed us to transfer our online selves to the new game so thank god… i didnt want to lose the rank 113 and solid gold adder ; ). But the didnt or i didnt see a way to transfer my story save.  Oh well its been a year since i beat it so fuck it ill do it again. (Plus having 500k and knowing every inch of the map has made story way faster).
    So all in all i am super happy with GTAV for PS4.  You got a ps4 and gtav? Hit me up online (Name: SquirrelPope on PSN) we can romp or do missions or you can join me in the stupid shit we do for our youtube videos. Episode 30 is coming soon.


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