Dear Digital Downloads.

I love and hate you.

   I love that you give me easy access to many less popular and older games I couldnt find otherwise.  I love how you can be sold at silly discounts on steam making me buy you when otherwise I wouldnt.  I love how less cluttered you make things and how your so neatly organized always, no matter how long between play sessions you are never dusty. 

   I hate you cause you scare me that one day you might be deleted and I will never be able to find you again, or that I might have to rebuy you.  I hate how you so often require me to be online to even play single player.  I hate how easily you get pirated which in the long run makes things more complicated for us paying  honest customers.  I hate not having your boxes to display proudly on my shelves.  I hate that your ease and convienence have made developers want to switch to digital only to be able to control us and save a few bucks.  I also hate how you make it impossible for kids to share games like we did back when i was a kid with my friends and our 2600 games.

   I see your place in the future of gaming, and in all honesty, I am glad you are here.  You and physical copies have their place and I hope people see that and never get rid of either of you.


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