World of Warcraft is fun again.



Ignore the complaing children, dont fret over queues, and stop stressing over bugs.  Why you ask? Because mother fucking WoW is fun again.

   While yes, its still WoW theres something different this time, maybe its that hint of Burning Crusade underneath it all, or perhaps its the newness of Garrisons, whatever it is, Blizzard has managed to make WoW enjoyable again.  
   So if you are on the fence about WoW i can only say that they have done right this time, anx while as expected theres kinks to iron out i say get off the damn fence and get your butt down to Azeroth again and play. Theres tons o people back, you again can meet, talk, and even quest around with random people again, i even had a conversation with a random person last night!
   Anyways, im stuck at work so im stuck at level 93 for now. So enjoy your weekend and come on back to WoW.  Its what all the cool kids are doing.


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