Garrisons: A World of Warcraft story.

So last night i was chillin in my garrison sending my followers on deadly missions and building all the things.  I was getting ready to fly off to go help Durotan spank some janky iron horde bitches when out of the corner of my eye i see the Sergeant with the all to familiar ! over his head. 
   I walk over to see what thing the silly orc wants and he was a like “champion… holy fucking shit!  I got all this shit and then these bitches started showing up and we need to fuck thier shit up asap!”  I was all like, whhhhaaaaat.  Then suddenly some jerkybaby motherfuckers showed up and started picking on my guards.  It was on.
   There was much fighting, this was but a probe force to see what we were doin, suddenly the whole place erupts in fighting.  Shits exploding everywhere, bad guys are all up ons.  Then during the heat of the battle a pussy ass hylek shows up all “im gonna shoot fire from the sky cause im a bitch who cant fight like a man”  which is ok cause i got a big ass rifle and a demon hippo, together  we put that winged bitch in his place.  During the tussle of all things thw alliance sends a spy… really, yall are still butthurt over the azeroth chopper thing.  Well fuck you dwarf, we tracked his ass down and put a few dozen bullets in his ass. 
   The fighting went on for what seemed like forever and just when we thought we had won, the JB boss shows up and procedes to get served up on a platter to demon hippo.  We heal our wounded and i thank the sergeant for warning me of the fight.  We won the day and it was fucking epic.

   Garrisons…  fucking awesome.


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