Totally Uninformed: Week 8 2014 #NFL game #Picks

I have come to the conclusion that anyone saying a game is a lock or for sure win hasnt watched any football this year.  No one is a for sure winner anymore.


   Even the Legion of Boom couldnt stop the hapless Rams… no one saw that coming.

Thursday Night:
San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos
   So all we hear about in news and ads for the game is that the broncos are playing tonight.  Yet almost every  ad doesnt say who they are playing.  Even with SD on TNF i still say TNF sucks.  Also, as i said week 2, the chargers always play to the level of the competition.  Tonight is no different.
San Diego 27 – Denver 24

Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons
  No one cares… at all. 
Detroit 25 – Atlanta 17

St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs
   Who do the Rams think they are? Im guess a letdown is in order now as the Chiefs come ready to play after the big win vs SD last week.
Kansas City 30 – St. Louis 20

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans
   I cant believe they are still allowing Tennessee to play football… Houston will win but it wont be pretty…
Houston 17 – Tennessee 12

Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  The excitement for this game is absurd forget Manning and Rivers… forget anything else, instead come watch what bad football looks like.
TB will feel like losing less as these who gets the top draft pick in 2015 juggernauts battle.
Tampa Bay 21 – Minnesota 14

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers
   Who knows wtf will happen here.  Shitty Seattle might show up… even so shitty seattle is light years better than top shelf carolina.
Seattle 30 – Carolina 10

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals
    We all understand now that the Bengals are just a slightly above average team right? 
Baltimore 23 – Cincinnati 10

Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
   Every part of me wants to ride the Jaguars bus after their big win against Cleveland. Alas, it is not to be this week.  Miami easy.
Miami 34 – Jacksonville 3

Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots
   Yep… even with Cutler the bears suck past week 7.  Although i am surprised he is still playing. 4 picks this week is in the forecast.
New England 31 – Chicago 19

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Buttfumbles
  Percy who?  Doesnt matter because there is Orton.
Buffalo 19 – New York 17

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals
   Fuck you Filthydelphia for not being better than the Cowboys…
Arizona 23 – Philadelphia 20

Oakland Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns
   Awww snap. We got another fine ass football game here.  You cant evem handle it as Cleveland continues to hand out wins to winless teams.
Oakland 20 – Cleveland 14

Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
   Terrible towels represnt everything Pittsburgh as in how terrible the team really is.  They are no match for the Colts.
Indianapolis 34 – Pittsburgh 19

Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints
   Its great to watch the Aints play aint it?  Cause they aint gonna beat Rodgers and the Pack.
Green Bay 31 – New Orleans 24

Monday Night:
Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys
   Hell ya… cowboys vs indians.  Except these indians are armed with a Colt.  Dallas is due for a loss and today is that day. 
Washington 21 – Dallas 20

   There ya have it kids.  Week 8 is in the books.  Hope you all have a kick ass football weekend and #BoltUp tonight.



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