Totally Uninformed: Week 7 2014 #NFL game #Picks

Better late than never.  Lets just start this out by saying until the Dallas Cowboys finish better than 8 and 8 i am not considering them a top 5 team.  I dont care if they beat the seahawks.


   The Raiders gave us a scare last week.  Thankfully super hero Jason Verrett swooped in and saved us all at the last minute. 
   Anyways enough rambling, i only got 20 minutes to write this thing.

   Thursday Night (boo)
New York Buttfumbles
New England Patriots
  Watch Bones and then take an early night to go to bed.  This one will hurt to watch.
New England 37 – New York 17

Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
  The battle between the teams that smushed the Buccaneers.  Sadly for the Falcons today wont be their day as the Ravens roll.
Baltimore 26 – Atlanta 17

Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins
   Maybe NBC is showing swimming?
Washington 19 – Tennessee 14

Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
  After an embarrassing home game vs the cowgirls the Seahawks get to play the up and down Rams in a game that will be called “a good morale boost for the seahawks”
Seattle 30 – St. Louis 20

Cleveland Browns
Jacksonville Jaguars
  Cleveland has been playing hard and turned out to be a not crappy team.  Jacksonville has been really bad and as of late has just played bad. I think this week is when they step up to mediocre and shock the Browns with average game planning and somewhat consistent play.  The Browns won thier super bowl and will fuck this game up and remind thier fans that they are still the Browns.
Jacksonville 21 – Cleveland 17

Cincinnati Bengals
Indianapolis Colts
   Shoot out here we come!  If you like scoring this is your game.  The NFL wants every game to be this way.
Indianapolis 40 -Cincinnati 35

Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Bills
  2 teams in the middle of below average seasons meet to figure out who is gonna get a better draft pick.
Buffalo 16 – Minnesota 14

Miami Dolphins
Chicago Bears
  After their discount doublechecking by the Packers they get to take on the Packs twin brother the Bears.  Expect a similar result.
Chicago 23 – Miami 20

New Orleans Saints
Detroit Lions
   Whatever, the Aints suck and literally 17 people care about the Lions.
Detroit 30 – New Orleans 24

Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers.
   Now Carolina gets to watch how a real QB plays and wins. 
Green Bay 27 – Carolina 20

Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers
   This game is big.  The Chargers mired with injuries and barely skating past the LolRaiders last week now get to take on a rested Chiefs team that is not a pushover.  This one makes me nervous because it could go either way really easily
San Diego 30 – Kansas City 28

Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders
  The LolRaiders showed last week they have the ability to hang around.  Can they do it over and over or was last week a flash in the pan? Gonna be a tough one for the Raiders.
Arizona 24 – Oakland 17

New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys
  Tale of two teams here. One was embarassed and the other pulled out a gutsy win. The non stop cowboy chatter all week has driven me mad…


Its the perpetually 8 and 8 cowboys. Stop crowning them after week 6.  Good lord…
New York 27 – Dallas 24

San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos
   Sorry niners, your inconsistent play will be your downfall here. I am smelling a record not only broken but crushed. 
Denver 38 – San Francisco 14

Monday Night
Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers
  Im sure on paper before the season started this was an awesome matchup.  But the Steelers suck and the Texans can only play JJ Watt for so many downs.  Expect to be watching Scorpion or something.
Houston 17 – Pittsburgh 13

Bye week: Eagles, Buccaneers  (thank god)

Thats football… i am always right except when im wrong.


Ps… fuck the cowboys


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