A letter to the #NFL owners

Dear NFL owners,
   None of my childen will ever see one of your teams live, as will many many other kids. You might wonder why, its the ticket price, im sorry because as much as i would love to take my kids to a single game i cant justify the hundreds of dollars it would cost me just for tickets. Then costs for parking and all the other things involved in making an NFL enjoyable for a child would put me over a thousand dollars for a single afternoon. A thousand fucking dollars.  Instead i can take a 4 day trip and show my kids around the country. 

   Now i know for you this is meaningless because you have absured tv and sponsor contrats raking in tons of cash as well as ticket prices.  Why does going to a game matter you might ask, well for many kids, falling in love and becoming an NFL fan was solidified when they got to enjoy a game with thier father or mother live.  For now this is meaningless but these kids are the future of your fanbase or even the future of your league. 
   Year in and year out, even with rising revenue from tv contracts and advertising you still raise the ticket prices. All you do is grab and grab for more of our money.  I know i am not the only person that feels this way.  Between jackass players commiting crimes and owners and the league covering their asses or blacking out games on tv in fear of losing even a single dollar, coupled with the prices for games its very hard to be motivated to even watching the games on tv.
   Thats my rant on this, i miss going to NFL games but it just wont ever be in the cards with how the league is run.


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2 Responses to A letter to the #NFL owners

  1. Izlain says:

    I’ve been to one pro game, and it was pre-season. It was the 49ers @ Chargers, and I only went because my friend won tickets and I didn’t have to pay for anything except OVERPRICED beer. I don’t like either team so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been, but it was cool to get the overall experience.

    I’d really like to go to Lambeau before I die, but that adds in the cost of a plane ticket(s) and hotel room on top of tickets to the game and overpriced beer. I need to win the lotto just to see that dream come true.

    • I have been to a dozen or so games. All in Chicago outside of the one game my dad took me too in the mid 90s to see the Chargers play Chicago, the most fun i have had was at the 2 Chicago vs GB games in Chicago. Theres nothing like it. Such an amazing time and throwing cheese slices at the Packers is one of the highlights of my childhood 🙂 i do have a dream of seeing a game at every stadium someday. That will have to wait till the kids grow up more cause i have 5 kids and could never afford it 😉

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