Thursday Night Football sucks. An #NFL post.


  Ok, Thursday night football is a joke.  So far each game this season has been stupid, all 4 have been somewhat to very much lopsided games.  This whole short week to prep really shows with the bad teams as both Tampa Bay and Washington got decimated each of the last 2 weeks. 
   Week 2 was somewhat tolerable (except it was a Ravens/Steelers game) until the second half when the Ravens whooped up on the Steelers.  Week 1… well its week 1 and week 1 football is kinda crappy as all the teams get back into football shape.  Maybe its time we stopped with the Thursday night games or go back to the only after week 10 or whatever.
   Anyways. I know the NFL wants all the money, but showing crappy blowouts week in and week out isnt a good thing.  On the plus side CBS has taken over the game from the terrible NFL Network for showing and calling the game… cause nothing says good times like 3 hours of Trent Dilfer talking. 
   No more TNF.  More games on Sunday afternoon and give us more basic TV options for games to watch instead of just directv/dish packages being the only way watch something in the afternoon that doesnt involve the Raiders or Kansas City.


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