Totally Uninformed: Week 4 2014 #NFL game picks.

Whats that… crap its already week 4.  Where has the season gone.  Soon we will be discussing playoff scenarios…


The Bolts laid out the Bills even though most thought they would close up shop after the big Seattle win.  Enough of this though, on to the games!

   Thursday Night:
New York Giants
Washington Redskins
   So was last week a fluke or has Dur Dur Manning and the Giants remembered how to play football? Who cares, the Giants still suck. So do the Redskins. I dont care how good Cousins looks, after the Griffin era anyone would look like a good QB.
Washington 25 – New York 21

Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
  The superbowl of the midwest (because neither of these teams will be in the actual super bowl) is here.  The Bears are down to the training staff and a couple kids in the secondary, which wont hurt them too bad cause Rodgers isnt playing Rodgers football yet. Also I wonder how long the duct tape holding the Bears recievers will hold up before they go out. One team will totally dominate this game, ya know the one with the football shaped letter on their helmets.
   Green Bay 34 – Chicago 20

Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans
  Last week the Chargers showed the world how to beat the Bills… we all knew it but it was finally shown.  Stop the run and make Manuel throw.  just load the box… hell you could probably leave one reciever uncovered and Manuel still wouldnt find or hit him.  I think the Texans are reverting to last year. Lets see if they can match the 14 game losing streak again.
   Buffalo 21 – Houston 10

Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts
   Luck cant lose this game… can he?  Tennessee  has players… I think.
   Indianapolis 31 – Tennessee 12

Carolina Panthers
Baltimore Ravens
  So last week I went against my better judgement and picked Carolina to win.  I thought  i saw something but it was just a mirage from the stench of how bad Cam Newton can be.  I wont make that mistake again.
   Baltimore 23 – Carolina 20

Detroit Lions
New York Buttfumbles.
   I dont care what you or Rex Ryan says… Geno Smith is not an actual NFL QB. Then theres the lolLions… whos entire existance can be summed up in one picture.


Season ending injury while celebrating…
   Detroit 37 – New York 9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pittsburgh Steelers
  I know what the world is thinking, but they are wrong.  What happened last week, wont happen again. I expect a much cleaner game from the Bucs and Pittsburgh is too busy dreaming of how many points they will score they will forget they still have to play the game.
    Tampa Bay 19 – Pittsburgh 16 (ot)

Miami Dolphins
Oakland Raiders
  Yeah… i have no clue what the fuck the Raiders were on to even compete with the Pats.  Whatever was (im sure it was illegal, thats all the Raiders do) they need to do it again.
   Miami 25 – Oakland 17

Jacksonville Jaguars
San Diego Chargers
  The mighty Jags roll into SD for todays game.  I dont know who is actually on the Jags, but im sure their mothers are proud of them for trying. 
   San Diego 24 – Jacksonville 12

Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers
  Dont know whats up with the Niners… other than Kapernick is overrated.  Theres no reason the believe that the Eagles change the formula of spotting the other team 14 points then winning the game.
   Philadelphia 30 – San Francisco 27

Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings
  No the Falcons are not 56 points in a game good.  This one will be a football game and things you wont see because it wont be worth watching will happen.
   Atlanta 27 – Minnesota 24

New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys
  Fuck the Dallas Cowboys.
   New Orleans 35 – Dallas 20

   Monday Night:
New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs
   Whoever decided to put a Chiefs game on Monday night has balls of steel.  I got a feeling they come out flat and just get rolled making MNF a turn off the tv and watch Gotham or Scorpion night.
   New England 30 – Kansas City 6

Bye week:
Cardinals, Browns, Bengals, Broncos, Seahawks, and Rams

There ya have it kids.  Week 4 starts tonight!  Do all the things then watch TNF.  See as all my predictions come true or dont.

ps… Go Chargers!

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