Totally Uninformed: Week 3 2014 #NFL game picks.

   Well aint that a bitch, while I didnt get too much right I did call the Chargers beating the Seahawks so bow down!  Heh.

   So the last 2 weeks its been REALLY easy to stay uninformed about the ebb and flow of the season with everyone only talking about the jackassery of a couple players.  I wont discusss it here. 
   Well lets press onward and discuss week 3!

    Thursday Night:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons
   Both of these arent ready for a primetime game.  If you can avoid watching the game I highly reccomend it.
Tampa Bay 16 – Atlanta 13

San Diego Chargers
Buffalo Bills
   The 2 and 0 Bills play host to the Chargers.  Both teams are riding high on wins and it should be a fun game.  But Buffalo is beatable if the Chargers can stop the run. Which they will. 
San Diego 29 – Buffalo 15

Dallas Cowboys
St. Louis Rams
   Nope… tweet me if something worth watching happens in this game.
Dallas 23 – St. Louis 19


Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles
   Them Eagles dont quit when they are down plus they are the best in their division.  The Redskins have a chance now that Griffin is back playing the only position hes really good at and will have ample time to film new subway commercials.
Philadelphia 27 – Redskins 14

Houston Texans
New York Giants
   Lolgiants…  lets all watch as JJ Watt eats Dur Dur Manning. The Texans need to prove themselves against tougher teams eventually, until then I love watching them beat up losers.
Houston 34 – New York 9

Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
   Wtf Aints… you aint gonna win a game?  Naw. You guys are too good for that.  A Petersonless Vikings will have a tougher time if the Saints D can actually make some stops.  We will see.
New Orleans 30 – Minnesota 20

Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals
  Remember last year?  Yeah? That will happen again.
Cincinnati 24 – Tennessee 21

Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns
   Dude I cant believe im gonna say this but this might turn out to be a really fun game to watch.  Saying that made me throw up a bit.    
Cleveland 23 – Baltimore 20 (Fun rain game maybe!)

Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions
   Division rivals both looking somewhat shaky during the last 2 weeks. So this could go any way at all. But l am sensing a blow out again.
Detroit 37 – Green Bay 23

Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
   The Jags are challenging the Raiders as the crappiest team in the league (that will never happen here as I hate the Raiders) I fully expect Luck and the Colts to fuck the shit out of the Jags and break out of the winless group.
Indianapolis 45 – Jacksonville 0

Oakland Raiders
New England Patriots
   Yeah… men against idiots here.  Atleast its not in Oakland and we wont have to suffer through the wannabe GWAR concert that is a Raiders game.
New England 33 – Oakland 9

San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals
   I dont know about this.  Are the Cards good? Was the 49ers collapse on Sunday night a fluke?  Lets watch and see!
San Francisco 24 – Arizona 19

Denver Broncos
Seattle Seahawks
   After the stumble vs the Chargers the Seahawks will be back in full force to show the NFL that it was just a one time thing.  I expect the defense to step up and beat the Broncos down… even with drug lord Wes Welker back.
Seattle 31 – Denver 10

Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
   The Chiefs are who I thought they were.  A midwest version of the Raiders.  Miami has got this one in the bag.
Miami 21 – Kansas City 14

Sunday Night:

Pittsburgh Steelers
Carolina Panthers
   STOP PUTTING THE STEELERS ON PRIMETIME! Seriously, stop they are a shitty team and deserve to play games at an unannounced time so no one has to witness them. Carolina rolls.
Carolina 27 – Pittsburgh 12

    Monday Night:
Chicago Bears
New York Buttfumbles
   God damnit another fucking asshole team on primetime. Atleast the Bears are playing, which helps a little.
Chicago 23 – New York 17

   Well thats it kids.  Read em and weep!



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