Yeah… World of Warcraft again.


   So with the upcoming release of Warlords of Draenor expansion for WoW and just the ebb and flow of my MMO life I have reupped and preordered WoD.  I was mildly interested in it and its WoW season for me (usually between Nov. and Feb. I get the urge to WoW)  So here we go again.  Lets see how Blizzard does with this expansion and how things go for me in game. Im not a raider much anymore and have no guild. So who knows, maybe a few months or maybe WoD will be amazing as hell. 

   Now what to do with my free level 90.  I have a 90 Alliance Hunter on Baelgun and a 85 Alliance Rogue on Wyrmrest Accord.  So what to do next. Do I go back to Horde after all these years or another Alliance toon.  So many choices… 


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