Game Time: #Destiny Full Review

So I have yet to even see what Destiny even looks like but I feel more than qualified to fully review Bungie’s first foray into a space themed shooter…. after Halo. (I stayed at a Holiday Inn express or La Quinta or whatever last night)

   Yes, Bungie is back baby! This time they decided to take a page out of Activisions playbook and just stick with the same formula they are good at, and why not… if it aint broke then make the same game every year with a new name damnit! 

   Its a shooter… you play a superhero commado who can do it all and kick all forms of ass across space and time whos only weakness is how good or bad you are at shooter games… or how much Mtn Dew you managed to drink before you started playing.  So grab your depends and lets do this shit.

     Theres story, and its awesome because its Bungie and they do that story stuff so good.  Thats a plus in my book, because its a space themed shooter and well we have been playing that game for a goddamn decade now.  So the story sets ot apart from the rest of the shooters coming out this year (theres like 413 of them or something) anyways the story. Amazing stuff happens, a ship or 2 explodes… bad guys explode… you start to lose faith then more shit explodes and you regain your faith and you win.  Im assuming thats the framework of it because thats the framework of every shooter story.  Bungie will add flourishes and it will be cool so yeah.

   Gameplay…. as I said before we have been happily playing this game for a decade or more (depending on how old you are)  There wont be any major surprises there.  You play a lot you drink Mtn Dew and you gain levels we know what were doing.

   So in conclusion, Destiny is definately a game to check into especially if you havent played a space themed shooter since Halo: Reach. (Fuck Halo 4… fuck it to hell).  My final say on the Buy it to Fuck it scale is.

Not that namby pamby digital theft any asshole can do, go to the store and steal a copy.  You wont regret it.


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