Touchy Feely Crap…

IMG_3214  I took this picture with my phone August 8th 2013 at 6:40 in the morning at Crescent Beach Florida.  It is unedited, unenhanced, unfiltered, just the raw image as it was that morning.  The few people who have seen it have complimented it and its insane beauty.  This moment in time in all likely hood will never happen again in any of our lifetimes thanks to the infinite cloud formations and just the randomness of life in general.  As stood on this beach alone on this morning, I realized in my almost 39 years on this earth I have never had a more pristine moment like this alone with the earth ever.  This picture doesn’t even begin  to do justice to what this morning truly looked like, and it didn’t even capture how it made me feel.  It was worth it to be up this early on my vacation to witness it.  If you EVER land on an east coast beach, do yourself the favor of waking up before the sunrise every day and go to the beach to witness it, cause if you don’t you will miss out on something amazing.  After this day, I made sure to be up with every sunrise and while none of them came close to matching the mind-boggling beauty of this day, they were all worth being there for.

While I spent my week up and down Florida with my family, when I had a spare moment to not be totally focused on what my kids were up to I got to watch people in general spend time on the beach.  No, it wasn’t just to only look at the ladies in bikinis, I do enjoy watching the comings and goings of humanity in general.  The things I saw out of my human brethren basically appalled me.  I watched people wash dishes and grills in the ocean next to kids playing, including using soap and other cleaners, one guy just let his dog take a crap on the beach and just kicked sand on it to cover it, another just packed up and left his Styrofoam cooler full of trash on the beach to get blown over and leave a trail of trash all up into the dunes.  Time and time again I watched people do disgusting things to this beach, while none of it was on the level of dumping toxic waste into the water, it was still disgusting.  I sat there thinking that we as a species do not even deserve to be on this planet with how we have treated it.  I do take solace in the fact that we as a species cannot destroy this wonderful place totally, yes we can make it uninhabitable for us, but the earth will still be here and will eventually heal itself long after our stupidity has eradicated itself.  This isn’t about being green or carbon footprints, it’s about being decent to our home, I don’t expect people change and right all the wrongs we have done to the planet long-term or reducing waste and repairing the ozone… No, it’s about clean up after yourselves, take pride in our planet and how it looks.  I am not asking you to start driving a hybrid car, I just want you to put trash into a trash bin and leave the place you were in nice for the next person to enjoy… is that too much to ask?

Anyways, enough about my irritation about humanity.  My Florida vacation was amazing, showing my kids the ocean for the first time just like my parents did for me was worth the 18 hour drive and the fresh new bills I have acquired.  We saw many amazing things, and I got to watch my kids do the things I remember doing as a kid.  So without further ado… a few more Florida pics.





All of them except the one of me were taken with my iPhone 5 and are unedited in any way.  The one of me was a Canon Rebel XS.  🙂


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