The next gen.

So the next gen is finally about to hit us full in the face in less than a year and everyone has to have an opinion on the Internet about it, so I figured its my turn.

From a straight graphics standpoint I see very minimal difference between what we have now and what we will be getting. There will of course be better stuff coming in the future but for now, it’s all ho hum same. What I am really looking forward too is how muc stuff they will be able to do in the background with all the extra power they will have access too. I hope to see more games with more areas to explore or more environments to interact with or more people around to flesh out the world properly.

I see the nex gen as helping open world games in amazing ways more than anything. Less of the same character models over and over again I a world and more variation. I’m super excited to see what the devs can come up with in the next few years. At first I know it will be sluggish and really nothing ultra groundbreaking as they learn what they can and can’t do with the new systems.

Sure, I am kinda sad they didn’t really try to push these console through the roof with power, but I know they really couldn’t and still make the thing affordable. It doesn’t matter how amazing it is, if its priced too high it will fail. I’m happy to see things finally moving forward. So good luck to all involved in gaming over the years to come.


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