Far Cry 3: Looking back on the madness.


So after 30ish hours I have finally played through the story mode of Far Cry 3.  This is just looking back on it and giving my thoughts on it, Dont take this as a review or something, it’s just one guys opinion on a game.  Also, it will probably contain SPOILERS, so if you care about stories, I will have to tell you to go play the game then come back so we can talk.  🙂

Upfront I will just let you know I had VERY high expectations for Far Cry 3 going into it.  I played through Far Cry 2 4 different times, dropping hundreds of hours into the game.  I absolutely love that game.  I love every quirk, glitch, and jammed weapon in it, So yeah I was expecting way more awesome this time around.  First off the story starts you off with a bunch of early 20s Jersey Shore looking douchebags, Which I happily got past quickly cause its Far Cry, it wont let me down even if my first choice of actions was to kill myself just so I could giggle a bit that the Jersey Shore wannabe died right away.  Anyways, so you start of as Jason (which is my name so it made the game kinda neat, especially because of Vaas talking to me) you do douchey action sports with your friends and brothers and get caught by pirates.  Which is where the game becomes totally fucking awesome.

fc3_scr_a9_02_vaas_23543_nphdMeet Vaas, pretty much the most amusing and awesome “bad guy” I have ever had the pleasure of taking on in a video game.  Now I say bad guy in quotes cause at no point in the game do I have any hatred towards him, nor do I want to actually fight him.  Personally I wanted more missions where he would capture me just so I could listen to him rant and rave and try to find a new and amusing way to kill me.  If there had been a choice to join him and fight on his side, I would have taken that route in a heartbeat.  Even if you don’t play this game, go to youtube and find someone who has posted anything from Vaas from the game, you wont be dissappointed.  Once you escape capture (If this is a spoiler to you then you are a fucking idiot, it would be much of a game if you just sat in a cage till you were sold into slavery or shot or something) Vaas basically spends the game chasing you, taunting you, catching you and failing to kill you.  He is like a totally insane Wile E. Coyote and you’re a Jersey Shore Road Runner.  Everything Vaas tries to do to kill you backfires and you escape.  Vaas is the only guy on the entire Island that sees and points out the total absurdity of whats happening to you and what you, the Jersey Shore Douchebag are becoming… and still everyone calls him crazy.  The entire first half of the game revolves around the Vaas and the pirates storyline.  Sadly as the slowly introduced another villain named Hoyt, I knew my time with Vaas would end far sooner than it should have.  I wont go into too much details about the fight, you know it will happen and you know you will win it to advance the game and so on and so on.  It left a lot to be desired for me, it left me wanting more, and if Ubisoft has any sense they will release DLC involving more Vaas stuff to go back and explore, I will gladly throw money at them the moment it is released.

Once you have made the world a safe (and somehow sadder) place by dispatching Vaas you meet up with CIA agents and other such people’s who usher you into a wingsuit action sports segment that leads you into the second part of the story.  I was actually kinda lost for a bit here in the game, I wasnt sure why it happened, perhaps it was knowing I wouldn’t have Vaas there anymore or maybe it was just cause I had been playing too long, but I spent a few hours after it not advancing the story and just hunting and killing shit to make some money and unlock map areas.  Finally I moved on and got to meet Sam.

far_cry_3-2sam   This is Sam, he’s a crazy fucker too, not quite on the level as Vaas, but this time he is on your side and you get to embark on missions with him going all German apeshit on stuff.  I enjoyed my time with him and he made my advancement in the second part of the story more enjoyable.  From here on out things seemed almost forced, like they built the game up to Vaas then just decided they wanted to add more content  at the last-minute.  Hoyt isn’t a scary guy, honestly he isn’t even a good bad guy, he just kind of exists in the world and does a few things.  I was very disappointed in the storyline here, the privateers were a tougher enemy as they had better gear and heavy soldiers that weren’t so easy to take out at range.  But halfway through it you steal a uniform of them and from then on out you no longer have to fight them if you don’t want to.  And here’s where I was REALLY kinda pissed about the game.  When I was in the privateer uniform I was turbo cautious new anywhere the native islanders, my friends were located.  I really assumed that while geared up as a bad guy they would mistake me as one of them and now they would be who I now had to fight.  But nope, you can fast travel, talk with, hang out, and do whatever with them.  Hell at one point I came up and took a jeep from one of them who willingly gave it to me in full view of other privateers and yet nothing happened, they didn’t seem at all suspicious that the natives just gave me a jeep and praise on how well I have been fighting.  If Far Cry 3 peaked at the Vaas fight then it wasnt a slow roll down the hill on the otherside, it was a fucking cliff you got to fall off of and slam face first into one of the most anti climactic end fights I have ever played.  The shitty Quick Time Event fight between Hoyt and I literally hurt to play.  I will fully admit that I SUCK at QTEs, so all it became is me dying over and over till I memorized the key pattern and won.  After that fight and what i suffered through after Vaas I almost quit right there.

citra-540x337In the end you finally get a choice, leave with your friends or stay on the island.  After how the game treated me I felt kinda slighted by the islanders and personally chose to leave with friends.  I wont go on anymore about it beyond that.  Once you beat the game you can go back and continue to explore (aka unlock achievements/trophies you missed) I have spent every moment hunting and killing the native warriors cause they pissed me off.  Sadly I have no interest in going back and seeing what happens when you choose stay as the ending.  No, I didn’t save before choosing, I never do, so to go back I will have to replay the game, and unlike Far Cry 2 who also had 2 choices for endings as well I will not go back and play again for at least a while.  Sadly, story wise Far Cry 3 left a bitter taste in my mouth, honestly if you play up till you kill Vaas then stop the game is 100% better.  Just imagine you killed Vaas, Saved your friends and rode off into the sunset as the hero.  I can’t say don’t buy the game, cause remove the second half of the story and just look at playing the game and I am so in love with this game.  Finding new and inventive ways to kill people or seeing how many I can chain takedown in one shot (currently its 5) is something I love to do.  Just last night I was killing walking patrols by setting up a jeep on a hill above them then rolling it down the hill and trying to time it right so it would roll through them and kill the one guy in front then trigger a C4 and kill the second guy after watching his friend get obliterated by a jeep piloted by no one.  It took me almost and hour just to pull it off but it was SOOO worth it.  Far Cry 3 is one of them games that can be so much better than it is by how you play it and what you choose to make of the world you are in.

So all in all I am satisfied with my purchase of Far Cry 3, I don’t feel like I wasted my 59.99 plus tax like I have with so many other games before it.  The story will put off a lot of people and the openworldness will also deter a few people too (I know way too many people who can’t do anything if they don’t have their hand-held through the game) If you find the game for 39.99-49.99 definately pick it up, its worth it at that price for sure.  It’s a solid effort that falls short in the end.

Heres to Far Cry 4!


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