Video games are a serious plague on society.


I remember it somewhat. The day I knew I would someday end up a mass murderer. I was 11 or 12 years old, I had saved up all my money and when I finally had enough I went to the local K-Mart and bought me a Nintendo Entertainment System. I raced home as fast as my legs could make my bike go (cause back then asking your parents to drive you anywhere within a 10 mile radius from your house in the summer would get you grounded) and made it home in record time from the mall.
I was so excited. For the last year I had rented a NES from the local video store (Video Value in the house!) almost every weekend and always was so sad to have to return it a day later, but now it was mine. It would always be there, day and night whenever I needed to play me a game. So I loaded in my dual cart Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt, which I had not yet played cause there were so many other games available for rent. I broke out the zapper (not the shitty orange one, but the totally more awesome grey one) and started down the path that would maybe perhaps someday have me killing humans in bunches.
I swear I spent weeks playing duck hunt, endless shooting, endless death. After this time no digital duck stood a chance from my mastery of the light pistol. It would take hours sometimes for that god damn do would pop up laughing at me most days. (Really, fuck that dog, for me he was literally my first arch nemesis) Now, years later I know deep inside of me there is an evil waiting to show itself. An evil brought on by Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt taught me everything I would ever need to know about gunplay.
Why do these people always blame Call of Duty, Halo, or Bulletstorm (Dear NRA, Bulletstorm was a shitty game and a bad example cause really only know like 5 people who even bought the game. It sucked ass… A lot like you) We all know the real culprit behind all forms violence and crime in America…



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