2012 Gamers Secret Santa!


Merry Christmas!

Yesterday I received my 2012 Gamers Secret Santa gift in the post.  I would have gotten this up sooner but I was stuck at work all day and then had a mini blizzard to drive home from work in.   Well without further Ado here’s some pics  🙂

IMG_1002First off, this was packaged so much nicer than mine… heh.  I am such a bad person at presentation.  I think for next year i will have to consult some elves to make sure my stuff looks WAAAAY nicer heh 🙂

IMG_1003Family fun time!  The kids wanted to play right then and My wife and I love these types of easy to use with kids type games.  We have a few other similar type games and are awesome to play while having dinner family style!   So thank you so much Secret Santa.


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