Help me! #GW2


For the last few weeks many people have been talking about how Guild Wars 2 has brought a new meaning to social mmo gaming, and how they have changed grouping in game to everyone helping everyone thing.  And its been great so far. 
But the last couple nights I have seen an increasing trend among players to now expect help from others just cause they are in the same area.  Just last night I was beboppin around and over a hill comes this elementalist with a champion and maybe 6 normal mobs in tow.  They are yelling help help and while normally i dont mind helping, this was one of these situations were the 2 of us had no chance.  So i hastily stowed my pet so it wouldnt catch aggro and backed away.  After the elementalist died i got to get the third degree from them about being a loser piece of shit player and so on for about 5 minutes until i blocked them.  Situations similar to this have been happening in game a lot more.  Its like some people have forgotten how to do shit on their own now.  Its honstly quite annoying at times to have players now expecting my help.
I for one am happy for how Arenanet has changed the social game of mmos, but there is this side to it i find very kinda sad.  So when your out there dont always jump to the aid of others in every situation. We dont need a buncha leaches who cant do shit for themselves in game… That would be as bad as how grouping and mmos have been past with the every man for themself mentality.


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