Totally Uninformed: NFL week 4 2012 picks!

Welcome back kiddos!  Time for some week 4 action. A lot happened last week and I wont get into it beyond saying that The refs got the call right as that’s how that exact play was called last year in the Jets/Dallas game by the official refs.  So whatever.  The upsets of last week have me worried about a few teams this week.  So without anymore blithering let’s get into it!

This game is honestly a toss-up, This will be the 4th game in like 18 days for the Ravens, they gotta be starting to feel it.  The Browns have played every game well but havent finished it. They are tough and might have the perfect situation to beat the Ravens.  Going with the Ravens though.

Baltimore Ravens 23 – Cleveland Browns 21

The Pats just don’t seem to be the team they used to be, and coming of the emotional loss last week may just be vulnerable enough to drop  a second game in a row to the Bills. This will be another tight game with the Pats coming out on top.

New England Patriots 27 – Buffalo Bills 24

 How did the Niners lose last week, I didn’t see that coming.  I think Coach Harbaugh kept them out east so they stay focused and should make a good showing and trounce the Jets.

San Francisco 49ers 30 – New York Jets 20

 How the Seattle players could make any claim at skillful play after winning that monday night game was beyond me.  The right call was made but it was 100% luck that they won that game. I got a feeling that attitude has them not looking at the road ahead as clearly. The Rams are good enough to win any game but just lack something to actually pull it all together to win. Im goin with the Rams here.

St. Louis Rams 24 – Seattle Seahawks 23

 Ok… The Falcons are a pretty good team. At home, they wont lose to the Panthers.

Atlanta Falcons 30 – Carolina Panthers 17

WTF is up with the Vikings, who are they to think they can beat a good team!  This game just seems to reek of ugly game.  I’m going with the Vikings

Minnesota Vikings 34 – Detroit Lions 30

Sigh… San Diego, how could you suck so completely last week.  I know you guys on offense are better than 3 points vs ANY defense in the NFL.  The Chiefs got handed a victory by the ‘Aints who look to be losing out the season.  San Diego wins in another ugly game

San Diego 23 – Kansas City Chiefs 20

The Titans suck, the Texans don’t. Texans roll.

Houston Texans 40 – Tennessee Titans 20

I don’t like this game. It smells of being just a snorefest. Jags win

Jacksonville Jaguars 12 – Cincinnati Bengals 9

AFC West battle!  I love it, With the Raiders coming off that win and Peyton and the Broncos still feeling each other out I see the Raiders getting their second win in a good game.

Oakland Raiders 20 Denver Broncos 19

So it seems that Arizona is a good team, whodathunk it?  The Dolphins will lose.

Arizona Cardinals 30 – Miami Dolphins 24

I thought that Griffin guy would be the savior of the Skins. It seems like their games are more exciting but still end in the same manner that they did before he came. The Bucs are a mid to low team who just can’t get wins.  Look for Griffin to have a good game and catapult the Skins to victory

Washington Redskins 37 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

The Pack wins this easily as the ‘Aints aint winning a game this season it seems.

Green Bay Packers 44 – New Orleans Saints 17

The Giants are playing better than usual for the early season, and the Eagles are turnover happy and no good really, how they won any games is beyond me.

New York Giants 27 – Philadelphia Eagles 14

The Bears, and especially Jay Cutler SUCK when they play during primetime (and when I watch them play) but the Cowboys are a bipolar team and the sad pathetic Suckboys might show up. The Cowboys will pull this out in the end.

Dallas Cowboys 24 – Chicago Bears 10


This week the Colts and Steelers get byes. (THANK GOD! Cause any week without Steelers football is a good week indeed!)  Enjoy your week of Football! and see you next week!



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