Do as I say!

So I was reading the WvWvW notes on the current state of WvW page ( ) and something caught my eye that really kinda bugged me.  This simple statement just really got under my skin.

“If you are playing on one of the worlds that has extremely long queue times and can move to one of the lesser populated worlds, we would recommend doing this, since spreading out the player population will not only reduce queue times, but also help provide better competition for all worlds.”

Da Fuq!  Instead of you trying to fix the problem you are telling me that I should leave my friends and guild and all that and go elsewhere if I want to do the one part of GW2 that really drew me into the game?  Fuck you… really.  Then to tell me I can only queue for one WvW map at a time? I got a better idea, let us queue for them all.  I can deal with queue times, bug, and other BS that comes with gaming but what i cant deal with is attitudes like this.  Telling me that the best way to fix a problem with YOUR game is for me to alter how or where I play.  Maybe he didn’t mean for it to come off like that, or maybe im just taking it the wrong way but it really bugs me.

Am I gonna quit over it? No, but if it keeps up I will.  Cause nothing will make me quit a game faster than a company with a shitty, holier than thou attitude.





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