Death by a thousand paper cuts #GW2

I love me some Guild Wars 2.  With that said I will put this disclaimer up right now, I am in no way unhappy with the game, I love logging on and playing it.  So right now on with what I have on my mind.
Every day it seems the team at Arenanet is squashing another bug in GW2.  I know with a new game many unforseen bugs will happen, it’s the nature of the beast.  But I am sitting here watching the number of both major and minor bugs pile up.  All have been squashed in a timely manner which is good, but how much is enough before people start to get fed up and stop logging on?  The recent rollback is a huge deal, rolling back people’s progress is the fastest way to losing people to other games.  While many gamers can come to accept (and sometimes love) minor bugs in a game (see Skyrim, Oblivion, and the Fallout games) the majority wont accept these things in a game, especially in a persistant online world where these bugs can unbalance the game and cause other general chaos.   When will enough be enough?  How many times will we accept the trading post being down, or being unable to login?  How long will people’s patience last before they just say screw this and go back to WoW or Rift or whatever game they choose to play?   I cannot speculate on other people, I know I can take minor bugs and issues for a long time.  But the masses are a picky bunch and are quick to follow if enough people leave.  Keep up the good work Arenanet, but now maybe you need to take a more active role and start bug hunting and try to find a squash them before they are found by the public or cause another rollback.  Because if this happens enough all these little problems will add up to a huge problem.


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2 Responses to Death by a thousand paper cuts #GW2

  1. scarybooster says:

    It seems the level 40+ content is super buggy. I can’t play 10 minutes in those zones without coming across a buggy event or skill challenge.

    • I have hardly even touched 40+ content despite being level 58 heh. I end up just hanging out in the 1-17 or 15-30 zones mat hunting for crafting or map completing. I have split my time more towards Rift lately since buying the year sub for the expansion. I really hope Arenanet gets the game cleaned up cause i REALLY like GW2. But as long as the servers stay open i will play even if everyone else quits.

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