Stop bitchin’


  I am tired of it.  So many gamers just bitching and moaning about how MMOs dont do this and wont do that.  They look back and always draw lines to their first MMO and say why cant game X be just like game Y?  Then bitch and moan non stop about it, tossing all the blame on the game they currently arent enjoying.  Guess what, its not the games fault.  Well not always, SWTOR was a collosal failure as was Warhammer Online. There have infact been plenty of duds along the way but many others catch hell for no real reason. 

   I know what the problem is, you all dont want to hear it, but Im gonna tell you anyways.  The problem is you.  Think about it, you have made pretty much the same complaint about each new release, after a while one has to figure out that maybe its not the games fault.  MMOs are not your normal game, even the most linear themepark might as well be single player MMO isnt anything like your standard game.  The MMO requires something from every player, it requires you to put something into it beyond just playing it. 
   MMOs will only be as good as the amount of time you put into it and its community.  You need to be part of the game not just playing it.  Find a guild, find friends, hell find a damn PUG and dont go into it expecting it to more than likely fail.  I mean looking at these games and the players its like they expect the devs to have everything already preset for them and hold thier hands through the entire game. Almost like they want perfectly formed groups of people who think and act just like you and compliment you as much as you compliment them.  Stop being little bitches, MMOs arent like that, they are dirty places where your as likely to meet a total fucktard as you are to meet a future spouse.
   To make a MMO really work you do infact have to work at it. Forge friendships, do things that dont always give you gains or advance you in anyway.  Sometimes you have to be a little selfless, which I know is all but impossible at this point.  Try it one night, go out and only help others, you might find out the game you arent enjoying isnt as bad as you thought.  I did with Rift and man, the game is sooo sooo good (good enough infact that i just paid up front for a year sub) thanks to the community and friends i went out of the way to help and make.  I have taken on leadership roles, lead dungeons and done things i really never have done in MMOs since UO and Ill be damnit if im not totally enjoying myself in a game i had written off as boring same old crap a year ago. 
  So stop being a bitch and blaming every game for not being your picture of utopia… If you want your own littlw crazy world, go play Skyrim cause that shit is fun like that.


Ps… Ifi hear another one of you fuck faces complain GW2 WvWvW isnt enough like DAoCs RvR and wish you could still have the old RvR experience i will slap your fucking nipples off… FUCKING DAoC IS STILL UP AND RUNNING MORON, IF YOU WANT DAoC RvR GO FUCKING PLAY IT, THERES STILL A TON OF PEOPLE ON DURING PRIMETIMES AND WEEKENDS!!

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2 Responses to Stop bitchin’

  1. It’s really simple though.

    I mean, I don’t wanna wait for my life to be over.
    I want to know right now, is it me?

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