Totally Uninformed: NFL week 3 2012 picks!


Hello children!  Last week in the NFL provided us with probably the best showing of scrub refs ever, especially that monday night game.  Had some shocks and some ho hum games. (I was so close to predicting that Ravens game exactly it wasnt even funny)  So lets get on with it shall we?


  The game that has lead to the rather silly NFL network commercial with the bearded guy making strange Panther noises.  I really dont know what to think of this game outside of the commercials, so I will go with my gut and say Carolina takes this game.

Carolina Panthers 27 – New York Giants 20

My adopted Tampa Bay Bucs take on the Dallas “we dont know what the fuck is going on here” Cowboys.  Really Dallas, you beat the Giants then look like you have no clue how to play football vs the Seahawks.  Another game that really is a total toss up and depends on what Dallas team decideds to show up.  Ther Bucs are a middle of the road team so who knows what they will do either.  But as i said before about Dallas, Fuck em, i wont pick em.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19 – Dallas Cowboys 14

So last week wasnt quite the Andrew Luck coming out party i thought it would be.  But the Colts did get the win and maybe enough confidence to beat the Jags.

Indianapolis Colts 21 – Jacksonville Jaguars 10

Ohh, the Cleveland Browns.  I know almost nothing about them besides that they arent a very good team.  Buffalo is an ok team with potential.  Expect a run fiesta as the Bills win easily

Buffalo Bills 24 – Cleveland Browns 13

So the Jets proved that vs a real defense they arent so hot.  Put in Teebs damnit and make this Jets team more exciting.  Dont know about Miami, they have a football team.

Miami Dolphins 20 – New York Jets 19

Oh man…I am starting to think the Aints are losing this season on purpose.  Then there is the Chiefs who i think just suck.  If the Chiefs win this game then i will say that i am 100% certian that the Aints are trying to lose out this season.

New Orleans Saints 30 – Kansas City Chiefs 3

I cannot believe the Redskins lost to the Rams…  Bone headed plays and players can ruin anything i guess.  The Redskins will handle the Bengals easily.

Washington Redskins 27 – Cinncinati Bengals 10

The new look (lols…right) Bears take on the Rams.  The Rams got that win last week handed to them and the Bears got thier asses handed to them.  Its leads me to believe the Bears arent who we thought they were.

St. Louis Rams 23 – Chicago Bears 21

Ok… so maybe the 49ers are a top tier team.  This wont be the game to totally prove it as the Vikings arent a huge challenge.  49ers win big

San Francisco 49ers 44 – Minnesota Vikings 10

Man, the Titans suck.  The Lions are still a good team but after last week they proved thats all they are is good.  they are still a one and done playoff team.  They are gonna manhandle the Titans to make up for last weeks loss. Nothing like beating the shit out of a lesser team to bring back team morale.

Detroit Lions 56 – Tennessee Titans 21

Man, the Falcons are a good team, but there is no way they roll into San Diego and beat my Bolts.  We should have Matthews and Gates back this week, there is just too many weapons and with Rivers playing more grounded and level headed football and not throwing 3 or 4 picks per game we just cant be beat.  Its good to see my Bolts back.

San Diego Chargers 27 – Atlanta Falcons 24

How the fuck are the Eagles 2-0?  You just dont turn the ball over that much and win without some divine intervention… and we all know god hates Philadelphia.  So it can only be Satans doing.  The Cardinals winning vs the Pats, total fluke.  The second week of bird games ends with Satan working his magic again and the Eagles winning

Philadelphia Eagles 20 – Arizona Cardinals 17

Man… If the Steelers cant put up huge numbers vs the Raiders then there is no hope for this team who plays the most boring football ever.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – Oakland Raiders 10

You know the Texans got this one in the bag.  Peyton needs to shake off some rust and the Texans used to play Peyton twice a year and know him pretty well.  The Texans win.

Houston Texans 30 – Denver Broncos 20

The Sunday night game looks to be a good one as the Ravens and Pats face off.  I got a feeling the Ravens will pull this one out in a hard fought contest.

Baltimore Ravens 27 – New England Patriots 24

The Pack is a great team who is playing kinda shaky early season football.  I dont doubt they will be one of the teams to beat in the NFC, but right now they are vunerable.  The Seahawks are nearly there it seems, they can win this game if they play mistake free.  I have faith in them.

Seattle Seahawks 30 – Green Bay Packers 28


There we go!  Week 3 is on the board.  Enjoy this week of NFL madness and we will see you next week!







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