Totally Uninformed: NFL week 2 2012 picks!

Welcome to week 2 of the 2012 NFL season!  Last we we had some shocking games, like the Jets scoring points and Cleveland almost beating the Eagles.  This week we have more excitement around the NFL so lets get on with it

The longest rivalry in the NFL is back this week as (as my friend @oakstout from twitter put it) The Chicago Bears take on the Discount Double Check. Last weekend I can only assume the Packers were tired from an offseason of shooting commercials and thats why they are so worn down. The Bears are hungry this year and with new toys in Cutlers arsenel they are a force to be reckoned with. This game could go either way and not be shocking. Im goin Pack.
Green Bay Packers 35 – Chicago Bears 27

I would say whats up with the Giants, but they always struggle in the begining of the season, so for teams looking to get some early wins the Giants are a good place to start. But I dont see Tampa Bay beating them this week.
New York Giants 21 -Tampa Bay Buccanners 14

Ok, that game we saw the Raiders play last week was hilariously bad, had the Chargers not been bumbling around all game they coulda scored 70 points in them easy. I got a feeling the new era of excellence were seeing now continues as Miami wins.
Miami Dolphins 23 – Oakland Raiders 10

Now we come to the Texans and the Jags. The Texans are gonna beat the snot out of the Jaguars.
Houston Texans 41 – Jacksonville Jaguars 10

Fucking Ohio… No one cares who wins this game except people in Cinncinati or Cleveland.  That said Im going with the Browns

Cleveland Browns 17 – Cinncinati Bengals 14

Sorry Buffalo, you drew the short straw and have to host the Chiefs this week.  Atleast I have faith you will beat them up for us.

Buffalo Bills 24 – Kansas City Chiefs 20

The Ravens are again a team that could go all the way again this year, will they live up to that? Probably not. This week will be a test I feel, the Eagles kinda stumbled last week but I see them having a little more this week.  The Ravens will get them with an amazing Defensive play in the 4th quarter that will end the game and give the W to the Ravens

Balitimore Ravens 23 – Philadelphia Eagles 20

With all the off season shenaningans do we have a return of the ‘Aints?  I hope so.  Should be a fun game to watch as the gunshy Saints try to stop the Panthers offense.  Carolina squeaks out a win here

Carolina Panthers 27 – New Orleans Saints 24

Yeah…   Patriots all the way

New England Patriots 44 – Arizona Cardinals 17

Gonna call it today.  This will be Andrew Lucks coming out party.  The Vikings will get dumbfounded and beaten badly by the Colts

Indianapolis Colts 37 – Minnesota Vikings 3

The Rams… They had fun last week, an dnow they get to take on the current masturbation child of the NFL Robert Griffin the Third (i refuse to use the stupid name people call him)  The big Griffin question is how will he handle a bad situation, or a poorly played game.  will he rise to the occasion or be like the other RG that was a Redskin (Rex Grossman)? Only time will tell, sadly this wont be that time.  the Redskins cruise to victory

Washington Redskins 24 – St. Louis Rams 10

Dallas… Meh…  fuck em   I refuse to pick em.

Seattle Seahawks  17 – Dallas Cowboys 14

After last weeks debacle with Pittsburgh and how well the Jets played this one is a total toss up.  All i know is it should be against the fucking law for the Steelers to play during primetime football.  They play the most ho hum boring ass football ever. Baseball is more exciting than Steelers football.

New York Jets 21 – Pittsburgh Steelers 20

Finally my Bolts are up.  First off.. what the fuck happened last week SD? You shoulda beaten that blooper reel bait fucking Raiders team by 60 points… instead you decided its time to test out Kaedings leg?  Hes a kicker, and a good one, he will be fine… make him test out his leg on extra points damnit. Also, no one cares about the Titans cause they arent good.

San Diego Chargers 23 – Tennessee Titans 14

Finally we get the rematch to slapinthebackgate from last year. (yeah i used the stupid ass conteversy with gate slapped on to the end lack of creativity thing… sue me) I still dont believe in the Lions as a top tier team yet.  The 49ers either.  Both have the pieces to be there but i dont think they have the whole package to get them to the big game.  The Niners win this one and it wil be the game to watch this week

San Francisco 49ers 33 – Detroit Lions 30 (OT)

Yay… another primetime Peytonfest.  Atleast hes still playing well so its not so bad.  This could be a good game, but i have a feeling that the Falcons will choke under the pressure to not fuck up vs Peyton and lose this one easily

Denver Broncos 24 – Atlanta Falcons 10

There ya have it.  Week 2 in the books.  Now time to get back to work and prepare for tonights Bears vs Double Check matchup.   Go Football!   oh yeah… PLEASE KEEP THE SCRUB REFS!  I fucking love how much more exciting the NFL is now.


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