I love the new look #NFL.


  Ok, after a preseason and so far into week one the ref situation has provided me with nothing but sheer amusement.  Sure, watching your team get botched calls against them sucks but every other game is hilarious to watch.  You could be up by 20 and a couple bad calls and you could be down by a touchdown.  I am in love with poor refs, they anger the football knowitalls to no end and generally make everyone directly involved with the game mad. 
   We need to keep the poor refs all season, fuck the normal ones.  Once this season it over we need to fire all the current shitty refs cause they wont be so shitty by the end of the season.  Then starting next season we hire all new shitty refs and start the cycle all over.  The NFL is better off this way, it levels the playing field making shitty teams not so shitty and making the good teams suck.

   I love you shitty refs.  Your awesome ball spots make me happy.


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