Elementalist = awesome. #GW2


   So the other night I decided to give an Elementalist a go in Guild Wars 2.  At first it was ho hum yawn caster boringness, shoot spells, stuff dies.  Then I got a dagger drop amd decided to lose the staff and see what stuff using a dagger would give me. I was not dissappointed. 


   Daggers, dual weilding them to be exact felt oh so right, and oh so like the bending from Avatar (not the Space Dances With Wolves movie).  All the moves are awesome as hell.  Like sliding across the ground kicking up fire then exploding people with flames im breathing out of my mouth to healing waters flowing all over the ground around me.  The designers had to have taken inspiration from Avatar when they did the design.  I ended up spending way too much time on a work night leveling up to 10.  I had 0 desire to craft (although I did harvest as i went) cause it was just way to much fun playing an Avataresque character. 


   Also I loved being able to switch elements mid fight.  Things going badly, swap to water and throw out some extra healing or switch to earth and stun the baddies.  The class and setup seemed so right.  The only downside I had was I ended up in the middle of fights a cloth wearer shouldnt be, I would aoe aggro too many and spend too much time dead cause I though I could do more than I should be.  Also, lighning and fire being seperate elements kinda made me sad, they seem too much alike and might have been better suited combined and used Air as number 4 and make it a mid damage/crowd control element.   Either way, I am so in live with how dual dagger Elementalists play.  Definately will be leveling this one as well as my Ranger.  So if your into Avatar and Guild Wars 2, give the dual dagger Elementalist a try, I believe you will be pleased.


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4 Responses to Elementalist = awesome. #GW2

  1. rowan says:

    i LOVE dual daggers! Lightning whip FTW! I also picked up some trait where switching elements causes an AoE earth rupture of some kind.

  2. Trent says:

    I would encourage you to try out the scepter / dagger to get you a bit of medium ranged goodness. You still have 2 heals in water and the fantastic ride the lightning. The off-hand dagger still gives you some good stuns and crits. The earth atunement gives you some increase armor and excellent stacking bleeds.

    • Ill be trying stuff out. I know that 2 handed isnt that great for me personally, but i will probably end up keeping a compliment of many weapons on me as i like to mix things up to fight off boredom. My Ranger has one or 2 of every weapon many times just so i can do many different things. If i decided to not play the ranger i will craft up a scepter to mess with 🙂

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