I think I have played a few to many MMOs…


Guild Wars 2 is an amazing game. I am totally hooked on it so i have been looking to do more things in game like dungeons and such. Ya know, to see all the content. My problem is now that i have the names and acronyms of dozens of zones and dungeons in my head they are all starting to spill into each other. Hearing lets got to AC my mind automatically defers to Avalon City (in its defense there is no place in any game i have spent more time in than Avalon City) and I get slightly confused cause Im playing Guild Wars 2. I think its time we either stopped using acronyms or we have a FAQ built into the game with a section for eqch acronym and what they mean for that specific game. I cant be the only one who has to ask more times than not what the fuck CM stands for (its Coruscating Mines in my head if your wondering). No more acronyms, start tryping it all the way out you lazy bastards! -Cortical

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