I see the passing in #Madden13 was designed by Jim Hardy.

First off, Jim Hardy holds the record for most interceptions thrown in an NFL game.

So I started up Madden 13 yesterday evening, I have been sitting on the dissappointment fence all day now because of it.  The game felt wrong from the get go, there is no more franchise mode, no its connect career mode now.  You cant just hit a button and start a franchise.  you have to pick all this BS beforehand and go through more than I wanted to just to play the AI for the next 10 seasons (thats all i can usually get in before im Maddened out and wait for the next odd number Madden.  Once i finally got into the connect career mode it was more familiar, but the getting there really put me in a bad mood.  I did my cuts made a couple trades and preformed a practice just to get the feel fro the controls cause they change them just enough that they dont quite feel right every 2 years.  After that I decided to play my first preseason game vs the Packers.

From the get go things went to shit.  I kicked off and Rodgers and the Pack tried 3 runs went backwards on all 3 plays and punted.  I guess its preseason so whatever.  They punted and I got the ball on the 37.  My first play i decided fuck it, im not doing the usual Chargers fail on first and second down the throw the fucker for the endzone on 3rd down strategy they use all the time, I decided to go for the endzone on first down.  Interception… god fucking damnit… atleast it was deep so it didnt hurt bad.  Rodgers comes out and throws on first down, Interception!  Sweet, I got me some good field position.  So I am a little gunshy and have good field position so i start to run it. bang bang pounding it away at them and i get to the 10 yard line and setup a little quick short route since I had been running it so much before. Interception. Godfuckingdamnit. It went back and forth like this most of the game. Green Bay managed to punch it in twice for scores as did I. By the end of the 4th I was driving and just outside of field goal range I decide to toss a quick screen, a play i hadtnt called all game, not even a fake of it. Somehow they read it perfectly and it was a pick 6. Bullfuckingshit. I got 56 seconds and 3 time outs, its reasonable and i can still tie it. I get stuffed on 3 runs (i am not fucking passing if i dont have too, there has been 15 picks in this game so far) its 3rd and 14 no time outs, how they managed to read 3 run plays when its an obvious pass situation is beyond me. So all I got left is passing now. I throw it up deep…..
Picked off. Number 16 on the game. What the ever loving fuck. I threw 9 interceptions (4 by Rivers, 5 by Whitehurst) and Green Bay threw 7 (3 by Rodgers 4 by the other guy whos name eludes me). I fucking hate losing, but this one really pissed me off. Something is way the fuck off with this game. Im gonna keep pusbing through but if i have any more 16 pick games i am done with this POS forever.

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