It is time!


   Dear Electronic Arts,
Year ago on the Sega Genesis you released a series of games that need to be rehashed on either this gen or next gen systems, that game is Road Rash.  Think about how much more you could do with the power of the XBOX360 or PS3 (Sorry WiiU people, your system is lame) think of the amazing times we could have, think about all the kids today who dont have access to violent motorcycle racing games.   I know you are all looking for the next big thing, and instead of year after year trying to make the next Call Of Duty (really, give the fuck up already. You arent gonna win that fight) maybe you should branch out into an untapped market.  Cause I know full well kids will line up to cattleprod thier friends on motorcycles in online multiplayer in awesome photorealistic settings around the world.   Also, I know you guys love to nickel and dime people with DLC, well Road Rash would give you a near endless arena to pillage our wallets!  New bike skins, new leather skins, new weapons, and new tracks.  Soif anyone who is at all associated with EA reads this please forward it up the food chain or if your a nobody like me forward it to your friends so they can forward it to heir friends so maybe someone who matters can help us so we can get this thing made. 

   Bring Road Rash back 2013!


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