Football season is upon us once again! #NFL


Guess what boys and maybe a girl or two.  The NFL season is finally here, so once again I will bring back my totally unread weekly writeup on my Totally Uninformed picks of the week.  Ya know, the one where I totally dont follow whats actually happening on the teams and try to pick the winners. Yea, that thing.  I have been looking forward to it all year actually.  This year I will also include some new features in it and maybe put more than 23 minutes thought into it.  Yeah… Probably not but oh well. 
   Anyways, we have another Charger season here, so another year of happiness the first 4 games, sadness the next 6 games then happiness in December. Heh.   Le sigh…   I still have faith though, this will be the year.  We have the high of brining back L.T. to retire a Charger, a classy move on both sides and the low of the passing of Junior Seau, who was and always will be a Charger to me.  It just feels right this year, more so than any other year, the focus is now off us, every year it was the analysts calling the Chargers to be the team to beat or super bowl bound, now we have the Peyton show in Denver, all eyes are looking that way, now is the time.  I want me some Lombardi trophy action in San Diego! (also it gives me a real excuse to make a trip out there to party heh) 
  So lets get ready for another awesome season of the greatest american sport! (screw you baseball, if you were any slower you would be farming)


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