Low and Slow


  Ahh, the smell of a new MMO.  With the recent release of Guild Wars 2 we all got to partake in the ritual every new MMO offers, discovery of a new world.  I have decided to do the one thing I havent done in a modern MMO, and thats take my time and enjoy what is in front of me and not worry so much about where I am going.  Ya know, the whole “Im gonna take it slow” thing. 
   I have recent rumblings of people speaking about taking it slow and it more meaning youre not enjoying the game and all that.  For me, taking it slow is more about the unlocking more things, seeing more of the map, exploring stuff and crafting as a level.  Things I usually do after reaching level cap (while i bitch about being bored cause its only me and like 12 other players at the level cap). Taking it slow however isnt about still only being level 4 after a week, instead its about only being level 35 instead of level 80. I am leveling at the average players pace and not the power leveler pace.  I have had an immensely enjoyable time with Guild Wars 2 simply because I am not sitting alone in zones cause there is no one at my level to join me there.  Having people around does make a big differece.  I will say GW2 does offer something not many MMOs have, and thats the ability to level 1-80 in the starter zone alone if you want.  I love the auto downgrading it does for players when they go back to lower level zones.  Sure, I am way tougher and more skilled than a natural level 10, but Im not unkillable.  I am also doing random weird silly things that get no xp and really do nothing to progress me much.  I spent 3 hours in game wandering graveyards reading all the tombstones (so far everyone everywhere is readable… Awesomeness!), I spent a bit just throwing snowballs at kids cause it amused me (they were Norn children who were the same size as me, a human so its all good).  I spent a good while discussing the crafting system with other players cause its new and interesting and I had questions that lead to new friendships in game, again another in game thing that didnt gain me any xp. 
   So for me, when I decide to take it slow in game its more about not bouncing from max xp place to max xp place to get to the end right away and more about lets just spend that time in game and see whats going on around here while I level up.  And ill be damned if it hasnt made the game a lot more enjoyable and a lot less grindy.


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7 Responses to Low and Slow

  1. MaeveMP says:

    I could never be accused of being a power leveler. I enjoy taking my time. And it is definitely true in GW2. So much to do and ANet has given you XP for doing it all! Like exploring? Here’s some XP. Enjoy crafting & gathering? Have some more XP. And the world is so beautiful! I especially love the underwater world.

  2. rowan says:

    I am moving even slower than you. Despite being “elite” in terms of hours played (according to Raptr), I don’t have a toon above 10.

    • how many level 10s you got hehe. I only got my one level 35 then a level 6 and a couple level 3s so levelwise were probably even, you just spread it across a few toons 🙂

      • rowan says:

        Yeah well, I’m not as far along as maybe I’d like. Having spent some significant time doing a difficult jumping puzzle in Lion’s Arch on two different characters. But yeah, I have a couple near ten, and now one almost 12, plus a really low couple.

  3. As long as you have had fun they you are as far along as you should be. Im 35, but the thing is i doesnt feel like 35 levels usually does. Its been a whole new experience for me. Im normally at or near level cap by now and starting my alts

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