You just don’t get it.


   These five words are so irritating to me.  People use them all the time to defend something they like, be it a book, a movie or a video game.  Tell me oh great one, what am I failing to grasp about something I don’t enjoy?  Take games for example, I really dislike the horroresque conspiracy theory stories and thus I am not a fan of The Secret World, I wont even try it cause I know that no matter how good the game is I will not be able to play it for long as it will just wear on me cause I don’t care about that story/setting.  Most people I know who play and have asked me to try it are totally cool with me saying no and telling them why.  They havent pressed the issue and thats cool.  On the other hand, I have had a few who just wont let that shit go, like somehow because I find that type of story kinda dumb I have somehow insulted them.  That, I just dont get it.  Fuck you people, im a human and by nature theres a good chance I dont share the same opinions, likes, and dislikes as you on every subject.   Why then do people feel so obligated to try to pumel their opinion into my by way of a passive insult?  Yes, if I straight up come at you insulting your choice of entertainment, then by all means, feel free to fire back, but when I just say “meh, Im not really into that thing” just accept that maybe I just dont find it entertaining which doesnt mean its bad at all.   Maybe if people spent less time trying to convince everyone that they are right and instead focused on enjoying the choosen entertainment with like minded fans they would have even more fun. 


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