Fuh Queue… #GW2


I am sick of sitting in damn queues for WvWvW in Guild Wars 2.  The last four nights I have queued up for Sanctum Of Rall Borderlands and never once got in.  The first two nights I was in the queue for four hours. The third night I only stayed for two and a half, and last night I was irritated after an hour and just stopped trying.  I wish they had a true to life frontier where there was no population cap, where you could get outnumbered and fights arent always fair.  I know, I am just complaining and whining about something minor in the grand scope of things that are happening in game right now, but damnit the one part of the game I want to do I cant get into it at all. 
   Im up to level 31 now, got all my little skills on my 10 keys so nothing feels wasted. I am still lovin the game just peeved at queues.  I know in a few months things will level off as they always do and queues will be minor if even at all.  Well thats my rant for the day.


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4 Responses to Fuh Queue… #GW2

  1. scarybooster says:

    Lol this is awesome to me. It proves to the PvP haters that WvW is where it’s at. This game will survive because of the shear amount of people playing WvW. Each map has a cap of 300 people I think.That means almost 1,000 people per server is playing WvW and more waiting. I hope they get the hardware to support 500+ because that will be more epic than DAoC ever was.

    • More epic than DAoC is a stretch. It has some huge rose colored shoes to fill. Also i was involved in fights in DAoC that had a lot more than 500 people involved. If they can do 2k then i will be impressed. Heh

      • scarybooster says:

        I was in DAoC after ToA so I only saw 100’s at a time. When I say 500 per map per server. That is 1,500 on 1 of the 4 maps. Right now it is capped at 900 total per map.

      • I would hope one day they have the technology to have a capless RvR zone for all games to enjoy! Hehe. I am happy to see gw2 doing so well but sad cause i cant join in the fun

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