Image   For years we have had the system of resource nodes spawning and players harvesting them.  Also we have had the ongoing fight between players over who has rights to a node if there are mobs around it.  Many fights have started simply because one player started clearing mobs around some ore in the side of a mountain only to have some guy swoop in during the fight and mine it away and leave without even helping kill the mobs.  This system has so taken over how i play that even in single player games like Skyrim and Minecraft i will damn near kill myself to make sure i mine that coal before someone else gets that shit.

Today i was finally doing some crafting in Guild Wars 2, so i decide to head out and find some resources and all that craftyness shit that you have to do.  I come across some copper ore and start clearing out some idiot bandits and along come some guy he watches for a second then jumps on the copper and starts mining.  After years of arguments with players over this i dont even bother speaking up cause it just isnt worth the time.  I finish clearing the mobs and notice… the ore is still there.  Weird…  So i pop over to it and mine it up.  cool  must have respawned right away, lucky me.  A bit later im chopping down a tree and 5 other people roll up and start chopping on it too.  WTF!  how is that possible.  It however didnt stop me from getting my logs.  Wait a minute, something has to be different or broken.  This cant be right, are we all able to harvest stuff together and have peace and harmony among the crafter world?  At this point im now spending my day following people around and happily mining and chopping and talking about this that and the other together, we happen upon events and champion mobs and dispatch them all while harvesting.  How dare you Arenanet, how dare you make one of the more annoying things about MMOs not annoying and actually something that can lead to more fun.

I dont know if my mind can handle not having to fight for resource nodes.


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8 Responses to HOW DARE YOU ARENANET! #GW2

  1. MegsFitness says:

    I was thrilled with that too 🙂 I’m gamer light, so the dynamic events are absolutely thrilling to me. I get to feel like raiding with a guild, even though I’m not currently affiliated. So far, I ❤ GW2.

    • Hehe yeah. If you havent yet, make sure you hit the swamp in queensdale, the behemoth (from the header picture) is a fun as hell fight. So epic and only like level 14-17ish

      • MegsFitness says:

        I didn’t spend too much time too wisely – made a human but she’s only up to lvl 8; leveled a sylvari to 8 and decided I didn’t like here, so I leveled another to 10. If I would’ve spent as much time on just 1 toon, I could probably go see the Behemoth. What server are you on?

      • Sanctum of Rall. Im up to 21 on my Human Ranger. Started a giant scary Norn Necromancer, which i have no clue what my role is with this class… Im stabbin, im shooting, im healing. Its very confuzzling as to my place in the world. Heh. Im in no rush to level out of the game. You can WvWvW from the start so theres no big “must get to cap to big boy RvR” like past games heh.

      • MegsFitness says:

        I’m enjoying the freedom as well! I needed to level up today and didn’t feel like hunting so I went and explored a map that was 3x my skill level. I got a skill point, 3 vistas and a handful of POI… got me five bars towards a level 🙂

  2. A lot to love about this game. I wanted to play a Sylvari after reading up on them and watching some videos from Arenanet about how unique they were. The starting area is just awful. Too confusing with three levels on the map. City is as bad, imho. Love love love the Norn and how open and easy to navigate their areas. Norn ranger up to level 20. Also getting the feel for the “discovery” part of the crafting.

    • I just cannot get past how horrible the Sylvari look. I didnt even get past the opening quest before i deleted myself. I have a Norn Necromancer who looks like a total insane Kimbo Slice bad ass, and if the race wasnt such an easy target magnet in WvW i would be more keen to them. My main is a human Ranger. Of all the races they are the ones who i like the most design/look wise. I am gonna try to play a Charr, but my god, in my opinipon they are the ugliest most stupidly designed class in the history of MMOs that i have played. I will probably try out a Asura eventually, just cause they are a pain in the ass to find and target in WvW 🙂

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