With the recent end of Guild Wars 2 beta the murmurings of whats to become of our current crop of old games has started again.  The whole WoWkiller mentality so many people seem to have around every release has gotten old.  I see mentions in 50 chat (lols) in Rift all the time about how GW2 is gonna kill Rift or how by 2013 Rift will be free to play.  Im sure similar statements are being spoken in the WoW areas too.   People havent learned by now that the only thing that will kill these games once they have a solid foothold is the game itself.  No single game will magically come around and all the sudden every other game will cease to exist.  Its happened time and time again with WoW, and now with Rift being number 2 it gets lumped into the conversation. 
   Guild Wars 2 is an amazing game, I love it to death.  But I  dont forsee it unseating Rift for the number 2 spot atleast the forseeable future and it wont touch WoW.  And in an even more amusing note, Blizzard announced “Mists of Jack Blacks Panda Character from Kung Fu Panda” expansion to release almost 1 month after Guild Wars 2… And I already have heard people saying MoP will be the Guild Wars 2 killer. What the everloving fuck… The game isnt even out yet!  How can you even begin to say that.  Let it go people.  None of these games will kill each other.  They will all coexist just fine and give us more options on what to play, which is infact a very good thing.    


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