Nerd Life

   I am a nerd and I work in a not so nerdy profession.  I am a groundskeeper on an estate, and while there are plenty of nerdly types that can and do labor intensive jobs such as mine, the majority of people in this line of work arent geeks, nerds, or other such things.  So relating to and communucating with the groundskeepy types can be an amusing thing indeed.  

   For example, the other day I was charged with finding out some information.  I did the research needed and went back with my findings.  When I met this person, they asked if I found the info they needed.  I handed them the info and said one phrase jokingly “Many bothans died to get me this information”. The ever so puzzled look on this persons face let me know they had no fucking clue what I just said.  I have seen this look many times in my career, I tend to forget not everyone knows a good portion of Star Wars lines by heart (I am actually not a big Star Wars buff, but my friends are and I just picked up all the quotes they rattled off in our lifetime) and not everyone is into the Nerdic Arts.   On another occasion I got called a racist and almost got to spend the day dealing with HR cause of an offhanded remark.  My boss got in my face about work and getting this that and the other done and after his 10 minute tirade I just looked at him and said Zug Zug.  I guess he assumed I was making some offhanded racist slave comment and was offended by it.  After an extended discussion that got more people involved than needed to be involved I ended it with a simple video of how the goddamn orc peons in Warcraft say Zug Zug and Dabu and shit when they work. 

   I could go on for days with stories of quoting MST3k and various SciFi movies, Star Trek jokes, video game references and so on and so on.  Being a nerd in a not so nerdy world is rough, thank god I am bigger, stronger and younger than most everyone I associate with at my job, I would hate to have to deal with being picked on at work too. Hehe.  (I actually spend a lot of time picking on them cause well, its fucking fun to pick on former bullies)


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2 Responses to Nerd Life

  1. rowan says:

    I’m lucky. At work I am surrounded by Nerds. I’m pretty sure we outnumber the non-nerds, but not by much. It also helps that I’m 6’3″ and almost 300 lbs of pure hulk-rage. Excuse me while I go smash something.

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