I dont care what you say

As of late I have been getting into arguments with people over who has it rougher, the current generation of kids or any other older generation of kids.  Hands down kids nowadays have it insanely harder than anyone from my generation ever had it.   I know what your thinking, kids have crazy luxuries and such great technology, and on that front yes their lives are easier than ours, but that technology can in fact make your like harder than hell.

When I was a kid I never had to worry about someone around me with a pocket camera video taping me doing something, say… embarrassing, painful, or anything else without my knowledge and then having them put it up on YouTube to end up on Tosh.0 to be shown for the entire world to see.  All of my embarrassing moments in life are stored in a select few people memory banks never to see the light of day.  I couldn’t imagine how I would have reacted as a 13-16 yr old had some of the idiotic and embarrassing things I had done back then were shown to my classmates.  To say, “oh it wouldn’t have bothered me” is a total lie.  Hell, even as an adult you have to be somewhat conscious of this happening to you, it’s not as dramatic if it actually does unless it’s a video of you doing something that will get you fired or arrested.

Then there’s school, I couldn’t have imagined dealing with the pressures these kids have now.  Everyone is heaping on piles of expectations onto kids to succeed in school, schools are way more strict about kids grades and what classes they take.  Parents are almost demanding perfection from their kids before they even get to high school.  When I was in school all you really needed to do to graduate was attend school.  Sure, you had to occasionally do homework, maybe write a report, but really they didn’t expect much from us at all.  My senior year I flat-out stopped doing any homework by the midterms and still graduated in a respectable place in my class with grades good enough to get me into college (if i had gone!).  Then there’s the whole cheating aspect, the internet was still young when I was a kid, there was no decent search engines, Google didn’t answer every question I could ever ask, but it did have enough information out there that if you know how and where to look it was yours for the taking.  Now I know your thinking, “See, google and the internet makes kids lives SOOOOOOO easy” and you would be incorrect.  Sure, kids have such an easier time accessing information, like say… finding a paper to copy and pretend is yours cause you waited till the night before it was due to do it is so easy that my 7 year old could do it in minutes.  But in the same respect it takes the exact same amount of time to look up that information as a teacher and bust the kid for plagiarism.  It’s so much harder to get away with anything nowadays as a kid.

That is it really, since kids lives pretty much revolve around friendships and school only.  The economy isn’t on their radars really (although we as parents seem to even want to push that shitstorm onto them already) they don’t care about politics, or even what you are doing if it doesn’t involve them directly.  Their lives are stupidly harder than mine was as a teenager, I would want to deal with what they have to deal with.  Kids nowadays have it so much tougher than we did.



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