Been a few…

So yeah, its been a while since I did anything here.  Works been a beast with the brutally dry spring and early warm days, by the time I had a moment to spare I didnt want to spend it typing here.  Had a lot on my mind, and a couple things I wanted to write about, maybe in the next few weeks if we can get a rain day or two in I will write them up. 
   Only real interesting news round these parts is I restarted playing Rift again.  All the expansion talk got me interested and so I took the plunge and dropped my 15 bucks for a month long ride.  I transfered my Guardian Cleric from Estrael server to Faeblight to join my Defiant guys.  Since I know one player for realsies on Faeblight I am staying there and staying Defiant.  Its nice to have a partner around that I trust when we play not to be a tool or screw up.  We grouped up and farmed out a ton of planarite on Ember Isles on Monday night.  My love affair wirh Rift is back… I will prolly sub for a few months now. 
   Thats all I got for now, see you around the web!

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