I just played the best practical joke at work.

So about a week and a half ago I got that Mio energy drink, Green Thunder.  Its a tasty treat to drink, and one day i sat my bottle of it down next to a bottle of Clorox Green Works cleaner.  The guy i work with said “wow, your drink looks exactly like the cleaner.” So i told him, yeah, i dont want to mix them up hehe.  So after he left for the day I thought about the cleaner and my drink and figured it would be hilarious if i walked around drinking out of the cleaner bottle.  So I began the process of really cleaning out the clorox bottle and after about a week of scrubbing i had it to a clean level i felt safe enough to drink out of.  Welk today I had to do some window cleaning and thought it would be even funnier if i started spraying the bottle in my mouth with people around.  So i swapped out the sprayer for a brand new unused one and proceeded up the ladder and started cleaning.  While up there the server/housegirl walked by inside the house.  I made a look left and right quickly and pretended like i couldnt see her and started spraying it in my mouth.  The look on her face was priceless.  She hurried out and i went back to it.  A minute later she was back in the doorway pointing at me with the chef and my former boss in tow.  So i did the same look around and proceeded to spray it in my mouth.  It was so hard not to die laughing at their reactions.  But i remained composed.  I started spraying like mad and the came running outside to stop me.  By the time they got out there i was crying from laughter.  They were puzzled until i explained it to them.  I got called a asshole… People laughed… It was a good time.

I love practical jokes in the workplace.  Makes the job more enjoyable. 


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