Ok, I get it: A #Minecraft Xbox Edition post

I finally broke down and bought a Minecraft game this weekend (my weekend is Mon/Tue) and I pretty much spent every free moment playing it.  I bought Minecraft Xbox Edition, and I am sure the PC version is way better, it just didnt offer 4 player split screen and it has XBL Gamerscore achievements heh.  I knew what the game was about, but the graphics were always a huge turn off (which is why I cant play Wurm Online for any amount of time) but I knew the do whatever the fuck you want sandbox game would hook me bad.  Making up for poor graphics is a wonderfully easy to use controller setup. This game is a dream to play on the xbox, its simple to the point that my 4yr old had no trouble wandering around chopping trees and digging holes.  Again, I was never spoiled by PC controls, so for me, playing minecraft without an xbox controller wouldnt feel right at this point.  I have had a couple people I know mention that I should just suck it up and play Wurm if I am all down with the open world do whatever the fuck I want games, and I would except Wurm is brutally hard to play.  Without the wiki you wont stand a chance, also I really dislike the payment setup in Wurm. I dont want to deal with recurring payments or whatever, Minecraft is give MS my money, play game.   So if ya got an xbox, and dig (trolololololo… dig… Get it hahahahaba) Minecraft I say go give the demo a try or just buy it.  You can come join me in my adventures to build a 500m long straight track of minecarts for a silly achievement. (still trying to figure out how to make powered minecarts… and dont tell me, i want to figure it out myself.) I will be in game for atleast the next few nights.  🙂


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