MMO blues.

   I am pretty much sick of MMOs.  To me, the genere has stagnated and there is nothing that will be released in the next 3 years that will be any different than what we have now.  We have games that are just WoW with spinners or sunroof.  None if them are bad, they are just nothing special.  To make matters worse, its like every company is just pumping them out and hoping they catch our fancy and cause us to switch.  They promote these games now like crazy, and when they dont live up to WoW numbers they seem to all but abandon the games.  They still have crews putting out new content and maintaining the game, but they seem to just give up and are moving on to the next game almost like the normal console games. 
   Im not totally hating on MMOs, I still play WoW and will give Guild Wars 2 the old college effort.  But I want more now, we have been playing the same basic game for almost a decade now.  I came from Ultima Online back in the late 90s, then when they “patched” the barding skills I jumped ship to Dark Age of Camelot, the difference between them were night and day… Yet they are both MMOs.  I also gave Everquest a Whirl, but the players and CSRs did not appriciate my looter/scammer mentality and i was banned after 2 weeks for verbal abuse of the support staff.  Heh.  I dont want to have a game try to recapture the old ways either, I know in the end it womt work, you can never get that same feeling back unless what your playing is actually new.  I know I wanted Dominus to do well and I am sad they had to shut down, but deep inside me I had a feeling they were trying to hard to be like the MMOs of old and would inevitably not live up to expectations.
   They just recently announced The Elder Scrolls online.  And from the looks of it, we have another generic WoW clone wrapped in an Elder Scrolls skin.  I literally dont give two shits about this game, and I looove all my Elder Scroll games.  As the game stands now, they couldnt pay me to play it (ok, they could but it would take a shitload of money).  I am not totally writing off the game, maybe they can surprise us, but really all I see is another famous name tacked onto a game to be used as a cash grab. 
   I really dont wish for another video game crash, but I really think we could use a MMO crash, I got a feeling that will be the only way we get any real innovation in MMOs any time soon.

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