Return of the Mack

So it’s that time of the year again, you know that lull in the new console games coupled with the fact that your games from last fall have been throughly honkey stomped that cause you to do things to find new entertainment.  For me, this time of the year always ends up with me resubbing (or starting a new) MMO.  This year my poison is World of Warcraft.  I just couldn’t resist the free level 80 from the Scroll of Resurrection.  So after @Moxiedoodle sent me the scroll I fired up a new (level 80 hehehe) Rogue on Wyrmrest Accord server.  Just kinda goin through the Cataclysm content again as last time I burned through it on my hunter Bloodriver on the Baelgun server when Cataclysm was new.   I guess WoW has finally replaced DAoC as my fall back game.  For the longest time I would always, at least 4 times a year, go back and play DAoC for a month or 2 when my current MMO got kinda stale.  Now I seem to gravitate towards Azeroth and such.  I guess it’s the end of that era, which I knew was coming since I really do not want to support anything that has Bioware anywhere near it anymore.

Also, I am kinda excited for the Kung Fu Panda Expansion for WoW.  Personally I find pandas to be a stupid fucking animal so I will not be making one, but new places to explore and new shenanigans to get into in a kung fuish type landscape gets me all happy inside.  So for the time being I will be goofin off in WoW.  Maybe I will roleplay a naked Death Knight Gnome with sexy pink hair.



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