I Love and Despise DLC!

   Ahh the good old Downloadable Content debate, a topic that can rile up people as bad as religion or politics at times.  DLC is one of them problems we have that is a blessing and curse.   It has its place in modern gaming, it offers us a chance for a small fee to extend the life of our favorite games, and offers devs a chance to pull in more cash to fund whatever it is they do with asspiles of cash.  On the other hand, it gives devs the chance to nickle and dime us to death and it serves to segregate the gaming community.
   Games like Skyrim, Fallout, Burnout:Paradise, and other games of the sort are perfect for DLC.  They are stories that can be added to and new places to be explored.  I love DLC for these games, especially how Burnout:Paradise did it with both free and paid DLC.  I felt obligated to buy the paid DLC after all the free stuff they gave me, like a thanks for keeping a game i really love going.  For games like Oblivion, i also bought every piece of DLC (except the Horse Armor) because the game was so good and i just didnt want it to ever end.  I adore content in games like this.  This is how DLC should be.
   On the flipside we have the FPS genere and its map packs DLC that really at times seems like a slap in the face.  Yes, none of its required i know, but if i want to be able to play with the majority of players i almost have to buy it.  Then to make it worse, 12 months later they release a new game( im lookin at you Call Of Duty franchise!) causing the majority of the playerbase to jump ship.  So i spent 30+ bucks on DLC that i can hardly use or not use at all.  Fuck that.  Other not yearly FPS games arent quite so bad, but still in a similar boat.  Atleast with the rpg type DLC, i can go back and enjoy it forever. 5 years from now i will be lucky if Call of Duty 4 even has players anymore.  Also, as i mentioned before, it fragments the playerbase.  I own all the map packs for Halo:Reach, i love them all, but my friends do not have them. So every map i forged on the new packs i can almost never play when im with my friends.  Its kinda frusturating at times.  Also not owning the maps can make waits for matchmaking unbearable as your the guy who doesnt have all the content.
  It doesnt have to be this way either.  All the times companies just rehashed old maps from previous games, they should just give the rehashes away for free to all players. It would go a long way towards people feeling like they should spend money on a company that seems to actually care about its customers. 
   Finally, the DLC thats already on the disk that they just block or exclude then make you pay to unlock later.  Fuck that. Every goddamn company needs to cut that shit out right now. Thats the biggest dick move in DLC ever.
   The DLC thats skins, costume changes, horse armors, and other non game changing items, i have no beef with at all.  Feel free to add and charge as much as you want for them.  They make people happy to customize or change up their characters in game, and hurt no one.  I am honestly 100% behind them.  Its easy money for devs and makes players happy.
   Now i think i want to play Skyrim again… Cmon Bethesda, hook us up with some sweet Skyrim love!

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2 Responses to I Love and Despise DLC!

  1. MaeveMP says:

    I love DLC, especially in story driven games. It can give you another chapter, if you will. I do find some of it to be a bit over priced for what you get in some cases though. But, it’s usually just fluff, so you can get it or not.

    I don’t play FPS, but I can see your point that it could fragment the player base.

    I think the main thing we tend to forget is that these companies are like any other business. They are out to make as big of a profit as possible. If the company does something with DLC that pisses you off, the best protest is with your wallet and not opening it.

    • Oh yes, the almighty profit :). I never fault them for trying to make a buck. But sometimes it seems all they want is to take take take. I love free content, even if its nothing major amd helps me in buying the big time content. And i spoke with my wallet with regards to COD: Black Ops. They put out a map pack and 1 zombie mission almost every month for like 15 bucks a pop. Screeeeew that! I didnt buy a single one and wont buy one. It was all mp content and once COD: Modern Warfare 3 came out it got a bit harder to find games. Once Black Ops 2 comes out this year i dont see it getting better. Im also not a fan of the “season pass” crap.

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