Today shall be a day of days!

Its been about 1 week now totally free of the MMORPG bug.  I have had no relapse, no withdrawls, and no problems.  I have gotten to enjoy my old console games, watch some more lame tv shows, and spend more time with the family.  Best of all, I am saving myself fifteen bucks a month.
   With the upcoming release of Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, and Halo 4 I really  dont forsee any MMO taking me away from consoles any time soon.  None of the current or upcoming games offer enough that I have seen to get me super hyped up. 
   Honestly, all in all the PC gaming has done nothing but leave me with feeling of hate.  Im sick of having to log into multiple things just to play a game, or needing to have some spyware program up to play a disc based game.  Its like PC gaming has gone out of its way to punish people who actually pay for games.  I really think if im gonna just PC game I should just pirate it so I can play it whenever I want with not strings attached.
   We will see how long this will last of course.  Atleast in regards to the MMO thing.  We got a while before Guild Wars 2, the only MMO looking to be worth a shit is released.  And even my desire to play that game is fading fast.  Of course I could also be lured back for a bit when the Kung Fu Panda Expansion is released for World of Warcraft, but I have no clue when that is releasing or even what goodies it will have. Oh well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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