Man, thems were the days!

You know what really bugs me about the gaming community in general? How they always get all nostalgic about old games and sit there pissing and moaning about how the new games just don’t have what old game X had.  I will use Dark Age of Camelot as the example here cause its nearest and dearest to my heart.  No matter where you go or what MMO you play there are always the people who bring up the whole DAoC did PvP right argument, and how they miss DAoC and all the awesome times they had playing it.  They sit there and complain that the game they are playing fails to even compete with how well things were in DAoC in regards to PvP.  It irks me cause they keep on going and going, being irritated and complaining about the game they are playing.  Guess what asshole… FUCKING DAoC IS STILL OPEN AND PLAYABLE!  You heard me right… You can go and still play the game, not much has changed in the last few years, it’s still the same RvR you remember (it’s still new frontiers RvR) The game still has a population, and prime time nights there’s still a ton of RvR to be had.  So fucking stop complaining that SWTOR only has 2 factions and no open world PvP and is nothing like good old DAoC, instead throw your money at the game you keep saying is what you want to play!

Seriously, if half the people I have heard mention that they miss DAoC just resubbed, the game would probably double in population in no time and have even more of that crazy fun you are craving.  This goes for any game, people complaining how they miss the good old days of WoW and raiding… well WoW is still there and it still has raiding, and your characters are still there.  Go back to it, gaming is about having fun, not forcing yourself to like a game just because it has the biggest population or happens to be the newest game on the block.  Sometimes I feel like were all brainwashed now to jump ship at the first sign of a new game, thinking that somehow the next one will be “The” game.  I am as guilty as anyone at times in the past, but no more.  I am resubbed up to DAoC again, I am enjoying the hell out of it, yes I no longer get that good old feeling DAoC used to give me, but I am still happy seeing my old Minstrel dashing around the frontier surfing the zerg and standing on keeps yelling at people to get off my lawn.

Next time, when you get into that nostalgia, instead of just talking about it, do something about it.  Companies follow the money, if an old game you used to enjoy starts making money out of the blue, people will take notice.


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6 Responses to Man, thems were the days!

  1. rowan says:

    Hear hear!! I’m glad to hear DAoC is still around, even though I never played. It’s people with their nostalgia glasses on. F**k’em!

  2. Haha I never do this about old MMO’s, just old games in general. But when I say things like that, it’s actually TRUE that the new games don’t have what my coveted SNES games offered.

    Sooooo, I get out my SNES usb adapter, an old controller, and go to ROM heaven. Old school gaming for the win 🙂

    • Nice. but im not a fan of the ROMs 🙂 me I like to break out the old SNES or Genesis and play them on my TV 🙂

      • I wish I could! But unfortunately my gaming days consisted of borrowing games from friends and never giving them back, and letting my friends borrow games and never getting them back….

        But I play them on my TV as well! I can hook up my laptop via HDMI cable to my TV and use it as a monitor, and in fullscreen it feels exactly like the old times, and with the USB adaptor, I’m using a real SNES controller too. I am such a nerd XD

  3. Thats cool 🙂 I have been collecting old games, a lot of them have come from people who had them lying around in a closet and just decided to give them to me. I do have to hit up radio shack and find a new way to hook up my genesis as the rf adaptor has taken a turn for the worse and not working anymore. i guess after 20+ years something was bound to break

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